Transmitting Files via The Internet

1. Take all your files, graphics and fonts and compress them using Stuffit, WinZip or PKzip.

2. You may e-mail reasonable sized files to us at

3. Larger files are best given to us on disk. If you will be sending larger files on a regular basis, an ftp account can be set up for you so that you can send them online.

Things to remember:

  • Extremely large files may get corrupt during transmission.
  • Always e-mail files as attachments.
  • Compress files yourself and do not rely on your e-mail applications compression scheme. We recommend third party compression tools such as Stuffit, WinZip or PKzip.
  • AOL is unreliable for sending attachments.


If you have any problems viewing the pages, have questions, comments or suggestions please contact us.

Bergenfield, New Jersey

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