List of Past Student Training Projects

1. A professional lady photographer who had photographed a wedding, had her pictures developed and returned with the left side of all the pictures looking rusty. She called and asked if we could help her. We told her that we could. As a part of restoring her photos, we taught her how to use PhotoShop. Her wedding photo shoot was saved.

2. Another student wanted to take lessons in Photoshop in order to add family members to wedding photos. Several family members were living in the Philippines and were not able to attend the wedding at that time. We added and made several alterations to the photos. You would never know that these people did not attend the wedding. It was like magic.

3. Another student wanted to learn how to set up the school newspaper while learning the program that produced it. We even made repairs on a photo of astronaut, that was damaged when tape was lifted off one of the photo. The tape caused a portion of emultion to come right off the photo but we were able to digitally repair it.

4. An Industrial Design Student wanted to create a portfolio of his work and improve his skills in Photoshop and Illlustrator.

5. Another student wanted to learn how to create a website so that she could start one for her family. This would allow them to keep updated to what was happening and see pictures off all the family members.

6. A man wanted to know how to do some set up on a title page for a newsletter. This was going to be a function for his job. While learning this, he also wanted to gain a greater understanding of how Illustrator worked.

7. A high school student was considering getting into the graphic arts field. She took lessons here to see what the programs were like, how involved it was and whether she would like to pursue a career in graphic arts.

8. A newspaper editor wanted to get more involved with the creative layout of his newspaper. He worked with us in QuarkXpress for a few months of two hour lessons.

9. A gentleman who started his own printing company wanted to be able to understand file setup and do basic typesetting and design. He wanted to be able to offer these services in-house.

10. A student from an advertising school in Florida was enrolled by his mother, for lessons while he would be home for the summer break. He wanted to continue getting better with the programs that he was learning in school. (see testimonial number 2)

11. A college student that wanted to learn more about Quark than what they were teaching him in college. He wanted to pursue the fields of design and typesetting.

12. A small business owner wanted to learn Dreamweaver while creating and maintaining his own website. Over several months of one hours lessons, we created a hundred page website that had e-commerce (shopping cart) capabilities.

13. A women who was out of the field for several years wanted to update her QuarkXpress skills so that she could reenter the work force.

14. A women who worked in Lotus as a bookkeeper was out of the field for three years while raising her child. She had just gone to a job fair and was told that she needed to learn Excel. After she completed her lessons she got a job making $39,500 a year for a national toy company that she interviewed with at the job fair.

15. A women who worked as a bookkeeper, wanted to learn Quickbooks because she was moving into another company where she would have to perform many functions.

16. A company was starting their own advertising department and a few employees volunteered to learn desktop publishing programs so that they could start the department.

17. A company called because their printer is always rejecting the computer files that they turn in. They wanted to learn more about the applications so that they could better control their internal and customer printing projects.

18. A women with a Windows background was considering buying a Macintosh and wanted to get an idea of how to use the operating system. This is a common situation for people going from one operating system to another. It is requested frequently.

19. An artist whose company wanted her to design various stage scenes on computer instead of on paper like she used to. She was purchasing a laptop in order to be able to do this in various locations.

20. An older gentleman wanted to learn how to e-mail, set up files and keep track of his investments online.

21. A women who worked as a photo lab technician, felt that her company was loosing business and she wanted to be able to move into the graphic arts field. She learned Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator. When she finally lost her job, she was able to move into a similar field.

22. An older gentleman received a digital camera for his 80th birthday. After downloading his family pictures, he wanted to be able to adjust his photos, removing red eye and brighten pictures. He also wanted to learn how to better organize and save his pictures onto his home computer. After taking a class at a local computer retailer he found that he still needed more individual instruction. He thanked us and was so appreciative that we were able to help him with this. He felt this one on one lesson plan was so much easier than his previous classroom situation.


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