Job Specifications

If you are supplying finished film, call for linescreen and film specifications.

Allow at least 1/8” (.125”) on all sides that will have bleed (see important terms).

Standard application trapping is used.

Provide black and white composite laser proofs for all files.

For all multicolor jobs, also provide separated laser proofs for all files.

Provide a folding dummy for all jobs that need to be folded.

Put page numbers on all pages to cut down on potential mistakes.

The best artwork for us to scan or shoot would be black copy on white background (see camera ready specs).

Be sure color breaks are clearly indicated.

See our list of accepted application files.

Spot color jobs must use Pantone spot colors.

Process color files must only be saved as CMYK.

Use high enough resolution for all your graphic files. If you know what the pixel dimensions of your images you can do a little math to determine the resolution, and the size you can print the image at for clear and crisp printing. Simply write down the pixel dimensions of your image and divide those numbers by 300 if the image does not include text and 400 if the image does include text. For example: An image without any text has a pixel dimension of 600 x 900 pixels. Once each dimension is divided by 300 the result is 2 x 3 inches. This means that you can use this image at 2 x 3 inches or smaller in your layout for quality printing results. If your image editing software does not tell you what the pixel dimensions are, but it does tell you what the resolution is, then you know the maximum size you can use that image in your layout. We recommend that images be at 300dpi in their final size in the layout and 400dpi if the images include text. Please keep in mind that resolution and physical dimensions are in direct proportion to each other. If you have an image that is 2x2 at 300dpi and increase its size in the layout to 4x4 the new resolution is now 150dpi. So remember, when you bring an image in to your layout you can shrink it down in size (because the resolution will increase) but you will be limited as to how far you can increase it in size.


If you have any problems viewing the pages, have questions, comments or suggestions please contact us.

Bergenfield, New Jersey

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