Font Usage

These guidelines are for both Mac and PC users

1. Include all fonts used in your files

2. Postscript fonts - Mac: include both screen (suitcases) and printer fonts PC: include .pfm and pfb files for each font. Postscript fonts are always preferred over true type

3. True Type fonts - Mac: these have suitcases only. PC: these have .ttf files only

4. Multiple Master Postscript fonts cause problems, we suggest that you do not use these.

5. Don’t use fonts with city names (Chicago, Geneva, New York etc.) they usually default to courier

6. Choose the actual bold or italic versions of font instead of clicking B or I in font palette. Using the palette choices may look fine on the screen and on your printout but if the postscript printer font for bold or Italic does not exist, a font substitution will occur when we use our high end equipment.

7. Some fonts have built in restrictions that do not allow them to be imbedded in a pdf file. Be aware of this and if it happens, you will additionally need to provide us with the fonts on disk.

8. It is suggested that final Illustrator and Freehand files have their fonts converted to outlines.