Digital Artwork

Digital artwork is any scanned images, digital photos, provided copy input into a work processor of any layout file that you or someone else previously created on a computer.

1. We accept digital files via e-mail, floppy disc, CD, DVD, 100 mb and 250 mb zip disc.

2. We can work with both Mac and Windows files.

3. We accept files in QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, InDesign, Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop.

4. Text/copy is accepted in MS Word or any text editor.

5. Do NOT supply word processing (MS Word etc.) or presentation (Powerpoint) files for layout. Text reflow, incorrect positioning and font changes are common problems with these types of files.

6. Line Art and graphics should be supplied as EPS file.

7. Halftones (photos) should be supplied as tiff files and in high resolution (at least 300 dpi at final size usage.

8. Fonts - see our font usage section.

9. Process color work should be saved only in CMYK mode.

10. Spot color jobs should use PMS colors and be saved in spot color mode. Color names must be consistent across all applications used. If you are using more than one application make sure that the Pantone colors are using the same name. For example, some programs may call the color 185 CVC and another application may call it 185 CV. Even though the color is the same, it will separated on two different plates. You can print your separations to your laser printer to check for problems.

11. Composite and color separated laser prints should be supplied with all digital artwork.

Digital files are not necessarily press ready.
We will inform you of any problems and
suggest how they can be resolved.